Post: Music Therapy and The Power of Song

Music Therapy and The Power of Song

Music therapy is not a music lesson. In fact, you don’t even have to be musically inclined to reap the benefits from the practice.

Board-certified music therapist Emily Wadhams uses music as a tool to help her clients achieve non-musical goals. Her clients have a wide range of goals and conditions. She serves everyone from autistic children to seniors in hospice care.

“A physical therapist will use balls and bars. I use music,” said Wadhams.

Wadhams adjusts her sessions according to client needs. Sometimes, she will use music as a tool to stir memories and positive emotions for elderly people. Other times she will utilize back-and-forth drumming exercises to work on social skills with younger clients.

“Music is one of the few things in our world that stimulates the entire brain,” said Wadhams.

Source: KETV

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