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Alex Marley

The power of positive music… Music is more than just entertainment. It is magic and mind control, puts u into a mood and a dimension u didn’t know existed – like a new food or color. If everyone only listened to and made positive music we could change the world

Deniece Williams

“I miss the days when we sang love songs and wooed each other (Cause You Love Me Baby) (My Girl), encouraged each other (Ain’t No Stopping Us Now) or expressed our broken hearts (Stop In The Name Of Love) without cursing each other out or using foul language to get our message out! Of course I’m old fashioned and believe that music can heal, answer a problem, give you hope or lift you up! That’s why some of us are still on the radio after 40 plus years. Be blessed!”

Dave Koz

“Never more have we as a culture needed the healing and calming power of music. As musicians, it’s our duty, but also our privilege, to make music that can be a healing salve to so many at this juncture in time. I applaud the Power of Positive Music Movement for not only recognizing the need to be proactive in music healing, but actually DOING something about it. Bravo to you all.”

Alicia Myers

“My playlist has various artists and genres of positive music, past and present, which formed the soundtrack of my life. (My favs: Aretha R.I.P., Gladys and Chaka).

When I recorded “I Want To Thank You”, I never thought it would literally save lives as fans have testified to me. To God be the glory for that. Therefore as artists, we must present a legacy of positive music because people are listening, critiquing, immulating and following our lead to form their life soundtrack too.

Thank you PoPMM. I’m truly honored to be part of this great platform of gifted recording artists that keep beauty and love in the music. Bless you all.”

The Product G&B

“We, The Product G&B, believe music today has lost positive content and substance..we as musicians need to prepare our children to become better people. Music is life and the youth follow what they feel is hot! We need to stop degrading our beautiful woman and uplift them.”

Ricky Phillips

“Music can be a powerful force and has fed positive energy into the labor force, the peace movement, race relations and countless local political and social struggles around the globe. Writers don’t always wake up in a good mood. Our work reflects who we are and how we feel from life’s rewards to its challenges. As artists, we owe nothing to anyone…its a personal reflection. All sides should be represented in all art forms but the most productive are the messages that shed light or illuminate a pathway of hope. Wallow alone and you remain lonely. “We shall overcome”, is a bigger message.”

-Ricky Phillips (Bad English / Styx)

Gerald Albright

“In a time when both our nation and world need positive forces to align the spirits of the masses, music still remains the driving force to bring people together on one accord. Let’s perpetuate this effort by keeping music education in the schools, and consistently keeping a positive message in the music!”

Judy Rodman

“I’ve always believed in the power of music and therefore in the responsibility of the makers of music. Music can illuminate new viewpoints, reinforce positive or negative attitudes, create empathy, love and hope or disconnection, hatred and despair from the messages it carries into the heart. It’s fine, even necessary to address the dark in our songs, but there is ALWAYS a way, a choice, to write, sing and play the darkness into the light. No matter what genre we work in, the power of positive music should be our north star.”

Carl Giammarese

“Music is a force that unites all of us regardless of who you are. It speaks a universal language, and it can soothe, inspire or just simply make you feel good.”

Carl Giammarese Supports Power of Positive Music Movement

Alannah Myles

“My favourite passage posits music and those who are conduits for it possess sacred knowledge.

“When, at the beginning of summer, thunder – electrical energy – comes rushing forth from the earth again, and the first thunderstorm refreshes nature, a prolonged state of tension is resolved. Joy and relief make themselves felt. So too, music has power to ease tension within the heart and to loosen the grip of obscure emotions. The enthusiasm of the heart expresses itself involuntarily in burst of song, in dance and rhythmic movement of the body. From immemorial times the inspiring effect of the invisible sound that moves all hearts in unison, and draws them together, has mystified mankind.

Rulers have made use of this natural taste for music; they elevated and regulated it. Music was looked upon as something serious and holy, designed to purify the feelings of men. It fell to music to glorify the virtues of heroes and thus to construct a bridge to the world of the unseen. In the temple men drew near to God with music and pantomimes (out of this later the theatre developed).

Religious feeling for the Creator of the world was united with the most sacred of human feelings, that of reverence for the ancestors. The ancestors were invited to these divine services as guests of the Ruler of Heaven and as representatives of humanity in the higher regions.

This uniting of the human past with the Divinity in solemn moments of religious inspiration established the bond between God and man. The leader who revered the worthy in revering his ancestors became thereby the Son of Heaven, in whom the heavenly and the earthly world met in mystical contact.

These ideas are the final summation of Chinese culture.

Confucius has said of the great sacrifice at which these rites were performed:

[ “He who could wholly comprehend this sacrifice could rule the world as though it were spinning on his hand.”} ”

which can easily be summed up in a single word… Fame

~Grammy Winner Alannah Myles

-Chinese proverb taken from Hexigram 13 “

Donald Lawrence

Research has proven that music has unmatched power on the body. It can heal, it can impact the immune system in a positive way and it can bring back lost memories in Alzheimer patients. It’s the only thing that ignites all the brain’s neurotransmitters.

The Universe is One Song Uni (One) Verse (Song) Creation is music.

Positive music sends the listener to a transcended space. I call that space “Spirit” to be In-“Spirit” is to return In”Spired” Positive Music sends us “In Spirit” and we return “InSpired”

Grammy Winning Producer,

Donald Lawrence

David Nathan

“The work that Keyonne Brooks and The Power Of Positive Music Movement are doing is essential at a time when youth the world over need to experience their own self-worth, empowerment and inspiration. I thoroughly support this vital organization and am happy to assist in any way possible.”

David Nathan, soul music historian/author and founder of

Tata Vega

My Ma Always Used To Say,”Tell Me Who You Run With,And I’ll Tell You Who You Are” We Eventually Become What We Constantly Surround Ourselves With, And I Believe From My Own Experience With People, Television, Video Games, Movies, And Music,Etc…. We Don’t Realize It At The Time, But, We Are Being “Programmed”. That Is Why I Whole Heartedly Stand In Support With The PoPMM (Power Of Positive Music Movement). Music Is Extremely Powerful. It Can Transform People’s Lives. It Can Help, Inspire, Lift Up And Motivate Minds, And It Can Also Aid In The Path To Destruction. Thank You PoPMM! For Working To Make A Difference, Bringing More Positivity Back Into Music! Peace And Love Always,

Tata Vega

Jeanie Tracey

“We as Artists have a responsibility to our fans to heal hearts, minds, and make people feel good through our music. My music has always been a beam of Light to Shine on the People.”

Jeanie Tracey

Donald Taylor & LA Mass Choir

“The Power of Positive Music Movement gives you hope, encouragement, and strength to compose melodies of Purpose and Destiny.”

Donald Taylor

Pattie Howard

“I have always believed that music changes the world and in my travels I’ve seen the evidence of this. Consider the influence Rap and the Hip Hop culture has had all around the world from the way people speak and dress to the influence you hear in all genres of music. Its message has equally affected cultures and societies around the world and in many cases inspired hate and violence.. As an innovator in musical styles, I challenge every Artist to affect change by creating music that sends a positive message that will help our world begin to heal and unite. Change your message and you will change the world! I support the Power of Positive Music Movement”

Pattie Howard

Marilyn Martin

“What a blessing it is to be a part of the musical community, but I believe every blessing comes with responsibility. The gift of music deserves thoughtful consideration of the affect it’s going to have on the people who hear it. I first realized the power of music when I was a small child listening to my grandmother sing church hymns. I don’t know if it was the sound of her voice, the lyrics, or the melody but I remember being filled with overwhelming love and emotion. How wonderful it would be if our motivation today was to make music that touched people in such positive ways that the memory of those moments live deeply in our souls. By choosing powerful words wisely and by caring enough to write about hearts desires and common struggles, I believe we can reinforce the assurance that we are all family. Thank you PoPMM for this wonderful mission!!”

Brenda Lee Eager

“I will start by quoting my friend Marvin Gaye. Many years ago we were talking at the studio and he said to me ” Brenda, it is the duty of the Artist to uplift the consciousness of the people” I took that to heart in my twenties. Music is such a universal energy and can transform, inspire, heal so many situations far better than low frequencies. I love to write positive music that touches heart to heart, Spirit to Spirit.There are certain notes that even correspond to the organs in our body, For one the note of C, works on the heart! It is a high frequency and when you hear something sang or played in the key of C you feel warm and good and your heart feels good. If I am in a funk, which is seldom, I go to my piano and play in C and sing and before I know it, I’m feeling good and usually inspired to write! We can heal the world with music by keeping our vibration and energy high, we’re here on the planet to use these wonderful tools of music to bless, touch, tell awesome stories that uplifts and blesses, and make us feel good and inspired, so let’s see the best in each other and sing about it, write about it,dance about it, shout about it and have a good time in this thing called Life!”

Brenda Lee Eager

Cristy Lane

“Think Positive…and live life “One Day At A Time”. Feed your mind positive thoughts and that’s what you shall get in return.

The Power of Positive Music Movement promotes some great music that everyone on planet Earth needs in their life today and tomorrow. Thanks and keep it up!”

Cristy Lane


“Music has the ability to save lives. Music can impact, influence, and dictate the paths and decisions listeners make. Music can be the voice for as well as the voice to people. Music can connect and give people a common ground to relate on.”


Phippa Supports Power of Positive Music MovementPhoto by Elise Troyer

Christine Gordon

“I cannot tell you how excited I was to discover the “Power of Positive Music Movement” Facebook page and Website. Now, more than ever, we as artists need to realize the power we have to CHANGE the messages that are getting spread, literally virally, on a global level through music. I always say that I believe that I truly believe that every single person on the planet has a unique purpose, or as I like to call it, a singular soul song, that bears the message that they and they along were born to bring into the world. My singular soul song is powerful, positive always uplifting message of love, faith, courage and unity. My hope for my own current musical project and in particular the lead singles “Tidal Wave” and Soak It In” is that the deeper messages in the lyrics and music can become like happy mantras and powerful rhythmic meditations that can get people out of the darkness and let them trance out with these uplifting dance vibes.”

Christine Gordon


“Music and Dreams have gotten me this far in life. Through a lot of the dark days, all I had was music (POSITIVE music to be exact). It kept me going when I wanted to give up. It inspired me to become the artist that I am today, which is why I use my voice to inspire. The people of today are in DIRE need of positive energy and Love. Music is the most powerful tool to reach the people. So it is important for more positive music to be shared to the people, so the healing process can begin… Which is why I appreciate the Power Of Positive Music Movement! Much Love & respect to you guys! Keep fighting the good fight! Never Stop Dreaming! One Love 💙✌ 🎨 -Paint The Sky,Blew!!! 🎨”

Steve Barri

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