Post: Letter: Music Has Positive Impact

Letter: Music Has Positive Impact

There’s been a lot of debate about music in the classroom but I believe that students should be able to listen to music in class. Music can calm you down, better your mood, and lead to better focusing.

With every strong argument, there will always be pros and cons. Some pros include: better focusing, calm down children with ADHD/ADD, it gets us in a good mood and, depending on the music you are listening to, you may experience a state of relaxation, which is good for studying so we don’t worry about anything else.

Many would argue that kids might not hear the teacher talking, loud music may distract others, and some people just listen to music so they can make time go by faster, resulting in them not listening/learning. But studies suggest the opposite.

According to the National Association for Music Education, kids who listened to music had better SAT scores, were more engaged, less stressed, and had better success in society. This just shows how much listening to music can positively impact your school performance.

I hope you agree that music can be a great tool in a classroom environment.


Source : The Columbian

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