Post: Study Tips: The Best Music to Study By

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Study Tips: The Best Music to Study By

When it comes to music, there are plenty of strong opinions to go around. When you’re studying on a deadline and really need the best study music, you might get 10 different suggestions from 10 different people. Let’s talk about what tunes might help your brain, and you can decide for yourself!

Music to Help You Study

Classical Still Reigns

While some people may say Guns N’ Roses gets their brain in tune, science has proven that classical music is first-rate music to help you study. The Mozart Effect is a prime example of this phenomenon. While you may not known an adagio con brio from a fettuccine alfredo, give classical a try. Steady, rhythmical, energetic pieces are a good choice. Queue up some Vivaldi, a touch of Bach, a little bit of Beethoven on the side, and see what you think! The Baroque era is especially good for study music.

Try A Little Ambient

Not a fan of classical, or just looking for something completely neutral? Peaceful ambient music or ambient noise is a good choice as well. Minimalistic, calm electronic music like “Brain Food” or “Relax & Focus”  are undistracting and peaceful. Ocean waves or a crackling campfire more your jam? There’s plenty of choices for that out there, and you can even mix your own, like on A Soft Murmur.

Steer Clear of Lyrics

This is definitely a personal preference, and it depends how you’re wired. Some people hear EVERY single word of a song, while others may say, “There’s music playing right now?” It depends what you’re studying. Trying to write a paper? Probably best to go wordless. Cranking out math equations? Words might be fine. The rule of thumb for study music and sounds: if it distracts you, cut it out.

Bottom Line: Do What Works For You

Whether you study best to Wu Tang Clan or to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, if it works for you, stick with it! To each their own, and in the pressure of school, if it boosts your productivity and brainpower, more power to it!


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