Post: PoPMM: Benefits of Listening To Positive Music

PoPMM: Benefits of Listening To Positive Music

The mind is a beautiful paradox that has not yet been fully understood by most people as various aspects tend to affect how we react, how we respond to situations and how we generally carry ourselves. There are so many things influencing our lives, including food, people, weather, music among many other things.

Music has been said to be food for the soul, but not all food is good. When it comes to improving one’s mental health, positive music will lift their spirit and improve their mental health. On the contrary, negative music will affect them adversely. Whatever is fed into the mind (given that music has a way of penetrating to the core of one’s soul) will consciously and subliminally influence how we see ourselves and consequently how we actually carry ourselves and interact with others.

Some benefits of listening to positive music include:

  • Boost Your Beliefs and Ideas

Whatever a person hears repetitiously will influence how they think and how they view things. Positive music may be very uplifting. Consider the song “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. The song suggests that regardless of the situation, you actually come out stronger at the end of it all. This serves as an encouragement that you’ll get through whatever situation seems impossible.

  • Uplifts One’s Spirit

In addition, one is able to feel better after listening to a certain song such as “The Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, which many cancer patients and survivors have actually adopted as their mantra. Singing the lyrics has helped them through their battle with cancer and for some, it has actually been a sort of mental therapy in its own way. This is because regardless of their situation appearing hopeless, they still believe in the words in various songs and that alone keeps their spirits up.

  • Music Relieves Anxiety

Studies have been able to show that music is able to physiologically ease stress and even help in reducing depressive symptoms. Simply put, music is able to easily be some sort of medicine for the mind in its own way.

  • It Can Help You Heal

In addition, at some point in life, we’ve been through a breakup and there is no shame in listening to certain songs by Adele. According to science, sad music to some extent is able to induce positive emotions such as empathy as one is able to connect with the words. This then makes them even better people when dealing with others.

  • Helps in Improving Sleep

Some soft music such as classical and other monotonous music may be very good to help with insomnia as they tend to slow the mind and quiet it to some extent. In addition, the peaceful and soft chords playing are able to help one relax better. This may help when it comes to improving one’s sleep patterns.

In conclusion, music is a very therapeutic and very powerful tool. Hence, there is need to be aware and even censure what you listen to, as it has influence in many more ways than one may be aware.

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