Post: PoPMM: Can Music Improve A Parent-Child Relationship?

PoPMM: Can Music Improve A Parent-Child Relationship?

If you’re looking for effective avenues that can help improve parent-child relationships, then you ought to consider music? Music is a potential way of changing and improving your relationship with your children. Recent research confirms the above statement.

According to a study published in the Journal of Family Communication, music can tremendously improve your relationship with your children. Dr Jake Harwood, co-author of the Journal confirms by stating that doing this will affect your future relationship with your children as well.

Please note that this goes beyond listening to music with your children before they hit adolescence. It is even more important to listen to music during those crucial years of their lives.

Why so? Sharing and enjoying music such as lullabies and nursery rhymes is common. However, it becomes less common as the child grows older. Hence, according to Dr Jake Harwood, sharing music with them is critically important. When a less common event such as listening to music together is placed on the front burner, then you can be sure that the effect will be bigger.

What is it about music that tends to have an effect on the parent-child relationship? Why does it improve current and future relationships with your children? Let us take a look.


We all know that music has a tremendous effect on emotion. Certain songs or music styles can elevate your mood, or make you feel sad or empathetic. By listening to music together, you get to share the emotions that the song provokes.

Hence, the reason music can help strengthen the bond between a child and their parent. Recent research confirms that listening to music together will make you like each other more.


According to the study published in the Journal of Family Communication, coordination is likely to happen when people listen to music together. How so? Music, more often than note, involves an activity that involves coordination, such as dancing and singing.

In other words, you might end up dancing or singing together with your children. This is an activity that both you and your children will enjoy doing on a regular basis. Moreover, you and your child will have a common interest in music and the activities that encompass it.

Coordination and empathy combined can have a tremendous effect on a relationship. Seek to listen to music together with your children regardless of their age. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Now, there are numerous instances in which you can listen to music with your children. Below are a few examples.

In the car: Encourage your teenage children to put away their earphones. Instead, you can all listen to some music in the car while you travel.
At home during leisure time: You can all enjoy some good music together. This would be a great time to sing and dance together.

In conclusion, there are numerous opportunities that you can take advantage of. The critical point is that you actually make time to listen to music with your children. If you do so regularly, you will experience a close relationship with your children. Also, you will be more likely to enjoy a stable relationship with them in the future.

So, utilize the power of music to cultivate healthy and stable relationships now.

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