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Alex Marley

The power of positive music... Music is more than just entertainment. It is magic and mind control, puts u into a mood and a dimension u didn't know existed - like a new food or color. If everyone only listened to and made positive music we could change the world ūüĆé

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Tata Vega

My Ma Always Used To Say,"Tell Me Who You Run With,And I'll Tell You Who You Are" We Eventually Become What We Constantly Surround Ourselves With, And I Believe From My Own Experience With People, Television, Video Games, Movies, And Music,Etc.... We Don't Realize It At The Time, But, We Are Being "Programmed". That Is Why I Whole Heartedly Stand In Support With The PoPMM (Power Of Positive Music Movement). Music Is Extremely Powerful. It Can Transform People's Lives. It Can Help, Inspire, Lift Up And Motivate Minds, And It Can Also Aid In The Path To Destruction. Thank You PoPMM! For Working To Make A Difference, Bringing More Positivity Back Into Music!   Peace And Love Always,   

Tata Vega

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Jeanie Tracey

"We as Artists have a responsibility to our fans to heal hearts, minds, and make people feel good through our music. My music has always been a beam of Light to Shine on the People."  

 Jeanie Tracey

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Donald Taylor & LA Mass Choir

"The Power of Positive Music Movement gives you hope, encouragement, and strength to compose melodies of Purpose and Destiny."  

 Donald Taylor

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Pattie Howard

"I have always believed that music changes the world and in my travels I've seen the evidence of this. Consider the influence Rap and the Hip Hop culture has had all around the world from the way people speak and dress to the influence you hear in all genres of music. Its message has equally affected cultures and societies around the world and in many cases inspired hate and violence.. As an innovator in musical styles, I challenge every Artist to affect change by creating music that sends a positive message that will help our world begin to heal and unite. Change your message and you will change the world! I support the Power of Positive Music Movement" 

Pattie Howard

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Donald Lawrence

Research has proven that music has unmatched power on the body. It can heal, it can impact the immune system in a positive way and it can bring back lost memories in Alzheimer patients. It's the only thing that ignites all the brain's neurotransmitters.  

The Universe is One Song  Uni (One) Verse (Song) Creation is music.  

Positive music sends the listener to a transcended space. I call that space "Spirit" to be In-"Spirit" is to return In"Spired" Positive Music sends us "In Spirit"  and we return "InSpired"  

Grammy Winning Producer,  

Donald Lawrence

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David Nathan

"The work that Keyonne Brooks and The Power Of Positive Music Movement are doing is essential at a time when youth the world over need to experience their own self-worth, empowerment and inspiration. I thoroughly support this vital organization and am happy to assist in any way possible." 

David Nathan, soul music historian/author and founder of SoulMusic.com

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Brenda Lee Eager

"I will start by quoting my friend Marvin Gaye. Many years ago we were talking at the studio and he said to me " Brenda, it is the duty of the Artist to uplift the consciousness of the people" I took that to heart in my twenties. Music is such a universal energy and can transform, inspire, heal so many situations far better than low frequencies. I love to write positive music that touches heart to heart, Spirit to Spirit.There are certain notes that even correspond to the organs in our body, For one the note of C, works on the heart! It is a high frequency and when you hear something sang or played in the key of C you feel warm and good and your heart feels good. If I am in a funk, which is seldom, I go to my piano and play in C and sing and before I know it, I'm feeling good and usually inspired to write! We can heal the world with music by keeping our vibration and energy high, we're here on the planet to use these wonderful tools of music to bless, touch, tell awesome stories that uplifts and blesses, and make us feel good and inspired, so let's see the best in each other and sing about it, write about it,dance about it, shout about it and have a good time in this thing called Life!" 

Brenda Lee Eager

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Steve Barri