Keyonne Brooks

My name is Keyonne Brooks and I am from Tylertown, Mississippi. I was raised by a single mother in a strict household. I was taught that having an education wasn’t a choice but a requirement. That came standard because my mother was a school teacher. During my formative years, music became my muse and I was a HUGE fan of Whitney Houston! Her music was all about positivity and love and I took to that. I’ve experienced hardships and tragedy early on – from an absent father to an abusive stepfather to my mother having a massive heart attack and collapsing in front of me. This resulted in her having open heart surgery and becoming disabled. This required my siblings and I to grow up fast and get a job early. I was first employed at 14 on a farm and continued to work 2 jobs until I graduated high school. Music was my scapegoat through all this. I even began a relationship with Nippy Inc- Whitney Houston’s company- during this time after I reached out to them to them to them how deeply she impacted my life.

I went on to the University of Southern Mississippi where I was a resident assistant to the students and a budding music manager. Because of my connection to Whitney Houston’s camp, the managing part of my career began to take off. The results were a top 20 hit in the UK and touring all over the US and international. I became the first male in my family to graduate college. I moved to Los Angeles shortly after. I continued to produce shows but noticed the music changing and I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder during this time. I learned about music therapy and that there has been a rise in MDD and suicide in males. I knew music was impacting society in a negative way and there needed to be a change. The messages that were influencing people were mostly negative – resulting in more feelings of loneliness, anger, and depression. Hence, Power of Positive Music Movement was established.

“It is a scientific fact that what you hear the most will become your perception and/or your reality!”

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