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Music is very powerful and has the ability to impact and connect with people’s emotions. Why so? According to the senior advisor on policy and research at the American Music Therapy Association, music is ingrained in our bodies and brains. Our exposure and connection to music and sound start early, while we are still in the womb. According […]

There’s been a lot of debate about music in the classroom but I believe that students should be able to listen to music in class. Music can calm you down, better your mood, and lead to better focusing. With every strong argument, there will always be pros and cons. Some pros include: better focusing, calm […]

In our efforts to improve the world, or even just improve ourselves, sometimes we need a catalyst. What is a catalyst? A scientist would tell you it is a substance that starts or hastens a chemical reaction. But the word also has meaning outside the world of chemistry: a catalyst can be an event — or, […]

“Music can pierce the heart directly; it needs no mediation,” wrote scientist Oliver Sacks. Medical research lends credibility to his observation, as classical music is known to lower heart rate and blood pressure. However, a new study shows that a little “mediation” from antihypertensive drugs goes a long way in helping the heart to find […]

The mind is a beautiful paradox that has not yet been fully understood by most people as various aspects tend to affect how we react, how we respond to situations and how we generally carry ourselves. There are so many things influencing our lives, including food, people, weather, music among many other things. Music has been said […]

Power of Positive Music Movement would like to thank Kettle Glazed Doughnuts in Hollywood and their owner, Mr. Sam, for their generous sponsorship of our program at LA Film School! They were a great addition and the students/visitors were very happy to have a snack before the screening and program. They are our very first sponsors and huge supporters! Thank you again, Kettle Glazed!! #PoPMM

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